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About Renegade

About Renegade


renegade performance athlete programming

We are a team of program designers, coaches & athletes dedicated to enhancing performance in the sport of CrossFit. Currently working with individual athletes and affiliates across New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands to improve their abilities, strength and conditioning using the CrossFit methodology.

With remote contact and descriptive intents within the programs we right, we ensure that what we are prescribing is achievable for all levels of athlete, schedules and gym setups.

Having over 40 appearances of Renegade athletes on the CrossFit Games & Regional competitive floor, our team has been able to take experience and the knowledge of excersise science to produce a system to ensure every athlete is working on what they need to achieve their performance goals in this sport.

Meet The TEAM

Program designers

Callum Gifford

Zak Nothling



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