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Our goal is to assist gym owners in achieving optimal results for their community. 


We accomplish this by offering a proven program designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to athletes with aspirations of competing at the CrossFit Games. 


Prior to the weekly release to Renegade Affiliates, our program undergoes rigorous real-life testing with a diverse group of individuals in our two physical locations (East Tamaki and Auckland City) to ensure that we are giving you a great finished product.

The Renegade Programme is trusted by gyms around the world.

When you're on the Renegade Programme you gain access to all of the tracks below.


Our Renegade program offers a 6-day-a-week group programme.

Our program's philosophy centres around ensuring that every class member gets the best hour of their day at your gym.

To us, this means they leave the gym feeling accomplished from getting a good amount of volume in, had some fun, learnt something new and making some progress towards their goals.


Our program's design is an action-packed hour and generally follows the following structure:

Brief, warm up, strength/skill, conditioning, debrief.

We take pride in knowing that our members, and yours, will get a meaningful workout.


We prioritise offering members a wide variety in their training while incorporating strength and skill cycles subtly. 


We understand that not all members have the same training frequency, so we avoid rigid, fixed cycles that may not benefit everyone. 


Callum Gifford personally handles the programming to ensure that our members and gyms are well-prepared for everything from the Open season to local comps or just those that want to look good and feel great.

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The extra performance programming is great for gyms that have open gym time and want to provide extra value to their competitors.

As gym owners ourselves, the last thing we want is for everyone to try to follow a different programme and train by themselves. This often causes a divide in the community. 


The EPP means that athletes with a competitive itch can still do classes and be part of your community, then can perform the additional structured training that competing can require. 


The Functional Fit programme is great for gyms that want to provide a simpler version of CrossFit to their members.

The Functional Fit programme (at our gyms) runs alongside the main programme.

Think of it as a pre-simplified version of the main programme and crossfit movements.

One coach can easily run it.

The Functional Fit program swaps out the more technical movements for simpler ones, e.g. Clean and Jerks could be modified to Thrusters from the rack.

This is great for new members who are still new to these movement patterns and gives them time to transition to the higher-skilled movements when they are ready.

It is also excellent for members returning from a break or who may have an injury they are working around.

This programme has been amazing for the retention of our members at both of our gyms and other gyms that follow the programme.

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The Build programme is perfect for gyms that want to have a specific strength cycle that they can give members.

The program is based on functional body building principles, with the underlying theme of using multi-joint compound movements (deadlifts, squats and presses), with the support from single joint movements (bicep curls, hamstring curls etc) to build functional muscle and strength.


The movements are controlled, with the addition of tempos and paused reps, to get the most out of each rep.


Some gyms run this programme as a class, other gyms offer it as an extra option for open gym. 


Cardio Club will build your members engine!


This program is a 5-day-per-week conditioning-based program. It runs for a max of 45 mins.


The programme is designed to build foundational fitness and want to build a solid, robust engine, 

The programme uses 5 levels of perceived effort, from 1 being recovery pace to 5 being high intensity.

Members will do a combination of machine work, running, bodyweight and DB exercises. 

Once again, some gyms run this as a class, and other gyms offer it as an extra for open gym.

RFET Shoot Jan 2022-088.jpg
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